As individual as your needs

Being independent and self-sufficient is the basic need of every human being. Do you want to supply yourself with electricity more independently - and with affordable and state-of-the-art technology? Our HYCUBE premium e.Storage power storages offer the solution.

Our energy storage system makes use of the powerful lithium-ion technology. These batteries convince by longevity, extremely high storage capacity, lightweight and are also true space savers.


If your long-term requirements are higher, you can simply extend the HYCUBE from an S module to an XXXL module - without having to create more space. So no problem if you are expecting a new family or simply want to be even more self-sufficient from the energy supplier, because there is enough space in the device itself for more batteries - so you have more energy for the really important things in life. .

Like its "big brother", the HYCUBE e.Active, the HYCUBE e.Compact also combines all the components of a high-tech power storage system, completely pre-installed on only 60x60x920 cm for literally compact power - simply connectable to the PV system via plug and play.

Maximum energy for maximum independence.

Developed as a hybrid power storage unit, the HYCUBE e.Compact not only combines all the high-quality features of the HYCUBE family as standard, but also scores as a small space-saving wonder with a height of just one metre, a chic design and an extremely competitive price.

Besides inverter and smart energy management system "CubeConnect" the HYCUBE e.Compact impresses with highly efficient lithium-ion batteries of the latest generation. Together with a 150 Amp PowerCharger, these provide a maximum charging and discharging capacity of 7.2 KW. Equipped with Smart Home technology from iHaus and controllable via an intuitive 5-inch touch colour display and the HYCUBE portal, the e.Compact enables full control of consumption and costs  

Three-phase - for the big tasks

The Hycube tri.Active power storage is your system for even more independence. The complete generation is integrated in the tri.Active; you do not need any additional inverters for module outputs of up to 10 kWp. The integrated modular expandable Lithium - Iron - Phosphate battery is Cadamium free according to our Hycube standard.

CubeConnect software for optimal energy management

With tri.Active home storage, you produce energy locally in your home, store and manage it self-determined. The tri.Active is at the same time a power storage unit, with the integrated 9 kVA inverter energy producer and energy control centre. Not only in daily use can the tri.Active cover the entire energy requirements of your home, your electricity will also continue to run* in the event of a power outage - while your neighbours will keep their lights out.

Modular expandability

Your tri.Active memory is modularly expandable and equipped with a single phase control. So you are also future ready and e.g. also with the Amtron Wallbox