Innovations for your independence

With the Hycube power storage, you store energy generated by your own photovoltaic system for your own needs and use it whenever it is needed. In this way you become independent of anonymous energy companies and become a self-sufficient electricity producer. Thanks to the integrated energy manager, the intelligent high-tech electricity storage ensures that your household is supplied with its own electricity in the best possible way. This is not only cost-effective, but also environmentally friendly! With our various flexible storage models, we offer you exactly the system that fits your energy budget.

Solarstrom immer verfügbar

Your assistant for clever energy management

Get the most out of your solar system

As an innovative control centre, the Energy Manager, together with the specially developed HYCUBE.Connect software, regulates and optimises all current flows between the PV system, power storage and all integrated devices. The more electricity consumers you connect to the intelligent assistant in the house, the more efficiently you can use your solar system and increase your own consumption.

Eine Steuerzentrale für alle Haushaltsgeräte.

One control centre for all household appliances.

Do you want to control the power consumption of your dryer, washing machine, dishwasher etc. in the best possible way and save costs? Decide for yourself which devices you want to connect to the energy manager simply via radio sockets - your intelligent control centre will now take care of the optimum switch-on and switch-off times for the lowest power consumption for you.
Wärmeerzeugung mit PV Heizstab

Power-to-Heat - Heat generation with PV heating element

As the number 1 energy consumer, hot water production is usually regarded as the highest cost factor. With a heating rod you can use excess solar power from your PV system and convert it into heat - this ideally increases your own consumption and reduces costs. Here the HYCUBE software switches relays according to the surplus, which put the heating element into operation. In conjunction with a buffer storage tank, you can also enjoy the heat gained in this way for a long time to come.
Smarte Energie für das ganze Haus
Strom- und Wärmekosten minimieren

Minimize electricity and heat costs

Use your self-generated electricity to operate your heat pump and store excess energy. This will increase your own consumption. With a HYCUBE power storage unit it gets even better: photovoltaic system, HYCUBE power storage unit and heat pump are perfectly matched to each other, so you automatically use a large part of the electricity you generate yourself. This makes you even more independent of rising electricity costs, lowers your electricity bill and increases your electricity self-sufficiency.
Selbst bei Stromausfall haben Sie mit dem HYCUBE Stromspeicher
eine echte Notstromversorgung*. So nutzen Sie auch bei Stromausfall die Solarenergie Ihrer Solaranlage.

Use solar energy - even when everything is asleep

HYCUBE power storages and energy managers are a perfect team. If you are away from home during the day, the energy manager ensures that as much as possible - but only as much as necessary - of the solar electricity produced is used directly in the household and that unneeded electricity is stored. And while you sleep peacefully at night, the energy manager keeps an eye on the charge level of the electricity storage tank and optimally supplies your house with your own stored solar electricity. Even in the event of a power failure, the HYCUBE storage battery provides you with a genuine emergency power supply*. So you can use the solar energy of your PV system even in the event of a power failure.
Solarenergie für eine volle Ladung E-Mobilität

Solar energy for a full charge of e-mobility

Anyone who has already switched to more environmentally friendly electric vehicles with their family can also use the solar power produced to charge electric cars or scooters. Simply connect your own charging station at the carport or in the garage to the energy manager. You can easily set the charging time and speed yourself.
Hycube Solar und Stromspeicher immer alles im Blick ? your personal portal

Always everything in view

Via the online portal, you can keep track of and control over the collected information of your entire HYCUBE.Complete system at any time - from home or on the road.

Intuitiv und transparent

Intuitive and transparent

All data which the energy manager collects from the monitoring of all electricity flows in the house are clearly available to you in the MyHYCUBE portal. Thanks to the easy-to-understand and intuitive user interface, you have everything at a glance: from the performance data of the PV system to the charge status of the HYCUBE power storage unit and the power consumption of all connected devices in the house, garage and garden.
Sicherer Zugang von überall

Secure access from anywhere

No matter where you are - your MyHYCUBE portal is accessible online from anywhere. Simply log in with your laptop, smartphone or tablet with your personal password and you have secure access to all data.

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